Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shaved Gay Men

I created this Blog to share pictures and comments from other gay men that have or like smooth to fully shaved male bodies.  Age and race are not important - we are all brothers.

I have always been attracted to the look and feel of smooth skin on a man.  The ultimate fascination for me is a slender gay man with an overall tan and completely shaved body.  Don’t confuse slender and shaved with femininity.  It is the sexy look of a smooth body, not the attitude or the manner in which you present yourself.

You can be a straight jock type modeling underwear or skimpy bathing suits for product sales; a skinny feminine guy or an older over weight bi or gay man that goes to a naked beach, bathhouse or posted his picture on a gay Web site – they all look better to me with a smooth mostly shaved body as apposed to a hairy bear. That is just what I like.

Myself, I am slender, in shape, tan from head to toe, smooth shaved pubic, balls and ass. No hair on my chest or back and what little hair I have on the rest of my body (forearms, and lower legs) are trimmed just short of a fully shaved body.

Let me know if you want to post a comment or add a picture of your smooth body to my Blog.  Smooth and shaved is exactly what it means.  Please do not send me a picture of your hairy chest or bush.  This is a site for smooth male bodies - gay men that like the feel of smooth body contact.